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Welcome to my Photography Web Page! My photography skills can be described as “advanced amateur.” I teach at Miami Dade College where I hold the rank of Professor with the Department of Natural Sciences at the Wolfson Campus. I teach Oceanography and Geology; teaching these courses has given me an opportunity to describe and showcase the beauty of the Natural World as well as to warn the students about the threats it faces. Nature Photography has provided me with a tool to document the changes taking place in the Natural World. My major photographic interests are the National Parks, in particular, Yellowstone National Park (my favorite place on Planet Earth), and Underwater Photography. Lately, I have found myself dedicating more and more time capturing the wonders and beauty of the underwater world, in particular the Ecology of Coral Reefs.
I hope you will enjoy my work and sincerely express your opinion after signing the guestbook.

Tony Barros